Stereoscopy In Photoshop

I posted earlier about my stereoscopic technique for Robots! in 3D which utilized Photoshop, a tcl script and Apple Shake to programatically make a stereoscopic composition. Last night I tried to take shake and tcl out of the picture and do the 3D for the latest page for Robots! in 3D completely in Photoshop. The video above is a time lapse of me doing it (make sure you watch it in 3D to get the most of it) and jump the link for the details.


Adding the 3rd D


Now that you know how 3D works by reading the primer, I wanted to write a post about the technique we use to create the 3D images for Robots! in 3D. Click the jump to geek out over all the technical details of how we add the 3rd to Robots!

What is 3D anyways?

3D is all the rage today with more and more media going the way of 3D. Ironically what is currently being advertised as new cool technology has been around since the mid 19th century. While back then they may have not had high-performance computers to generate images for 3D consumption they both rely on the concept of stereoscopy. Click the jump to learn the more about the intricacies of how 3D works.


3D Test Flash App

So I wrote up a little flash app that allows for the creation of anaglyph 3D balls. I'll update this post in a bit with a little more background about how 3D images work and what my app is doing. For now, enjoy!

3D Test App


Grab your 3D Glasses

I hope everyone has their 3D glasses handy. Here's the first look at a 3D concept for Robots in 3D: The Day the Droids Attacked!

No 3D glasses? Check out Wired's How-To Wiki

A Sneak Peak at Robots in 3D

Sarah has posted the first concept page of Robots in 3D on her blog. I have begun the task of making it 3D, so kids get your 3D glasses ready and check back soon for the first 3D glimpse at Robots in 3D: The Day the Droids Attacked!


welcome to rewired pictures: the blog

Hello all, welcome to the rewired pictures blog. This blog will serve as documentation of all upcoming rewired pictures projects including our newest comic Robots in 3D: The Day the Droids Attacked! More details to come so check back later.