Grab your 3D Glasses

I hope everyone has their 3D glasses handy. Here's the first look at a 3D concept for Robots in 3D: The Day the Droids Attacked!

No 3D glasses? Check out Wired's How-To Wiki


  1. If you want 3D glasses in the Bay Area, Leef at Mission Comics and Art sells them for $1.00.

    My huge 3D comics show is on exhibit for TWO MORE DAYS at Mission Comics and Art, 20th St and Mission in San Francisco. Shop hours are 12:00-8:00PM.

    I'm interested in meeting with/working with other 3d artists in the Bay Area. Let's get in touch.
    = stan heller

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. I will absolutely come and check out your work. And thanks for the tip about where to get some glasses in the area. I am going to make a post soon with a bunch of different resources for 3D glasses and that will definitely make the list.